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November 2008

The new album OUTSPOKEN GOODBYE is out now and fully downloadable for free at The tracklist is:

01 - Chestnuts
02 - Railway Hall
03 - Fucktastic Blasturbation
04 - Dead Factories In The Cold
05 - Laburnum Walk
06 - The Consequences Of Industrialisation
07 - Seaside Metropolis

Already mentioned by MTV as "best anal album of the year".

February 2008

The release I'm working on has become a 7-track EP, with both atmospheric and heavy songs. I think I'll use also clean vocals (not that metalcore melodic emo crap, but something nearer Godflesh and Jesu). I'm taking the time I need, so I think it will be released in April or May 2008; of course it will be all self-produced with super KVLT bad audio quality.

Song titles are something like "Chestnuts", "Railway Hall", "Dead Factories In The Cold" and other melancholic urban stuff to show how much I am sensitive and introverse.

In the meanwhile, I joined this *AWESOME* compilation, check it out!

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August 2007

The new album SYMPTOMS THAT YOU ARE ALIVE will be released on August the 13th. It will contain 11 tracks for 50 minutes of blah blah of metal, rock, cartoon themes, industrial and ambient stuff. The track list is

01 - Dead for 30 seconds
02 - Symptoms that you are alive
03 - Coma
04 - City lights
05 - Mental disorder
06 - A moment for self analysis
07 - Life regained
08 - Awake
09 - Finding Peace
10 - Coming back home
11 - Just noise...

It will be sold at gigs (if we'll ever put up material for another gig, and if anyone will ever want to buy it) and maybe via mail for 5 Euros. We need the money!

To listen to a sample of this *AMAZING* album, go to

Thanks to  and for the amazing reviews, both sites deserve total support!

I'm also working on new stuff, I think it will be a 5-track EP, more atmospheric and electronic just because I want to sell out and go to MTV. It will be released maybe in Genuary or February.

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